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Hydrosnake - Pack of 2

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Hydrosnake - Pack of 2
Hydrosnake - Pack of 2
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Hydrosnake - Pack of 2
Hydrosnake - Pack of 2
Hydrosnake - Pack of 2
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HydroSnake flood defence - Pack of 2


Create a highly effective barrier against low level flood water, water redirection and pollution control.

• HydroSnake is lightweight, flat and easy to store.
• When required, simply immerse in water and HydroSnake quickly expands,
ready for use.   It absorbs up to 20kg of water in 2-3 minutes and then creates a solid water barrier.
• Use to create a barricade to prevent flood water
entering your property.
• Can also be used as an environmentally friendly sandbag.

The Hydrosnake is an innovative and practical solution to the risk of water damage.  Each one is constructed from a non-woven outer with a super absorbent core.  The core contains super absorbent polymers (SAP) and wood pulp.    Before use it weighs just 500 grams, so is easily stored and moved into the necessary location.   Hydrosnakes are ideal for a variety of situations both commercial and private. 

When you have finished using the Hydrosnake it can be safely disposed off. The contents can be dispersed onto the ground. They are safe for wildlife and will break down organically.    Many alternatives to the Hydrosnake & Hydrosack use non environmentally friendly absorbent materials. 

A Hydrosnake can be stored before use for 5+ years if kept clean and dry.  Once activated they can be kept in use for up to 6 months.

Dimensions: 250 x 1450mm.

Lead time - 2 - 3 days 


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