Speed Control

Speed Control

Speed Management and Safety

Speedhumps are a simple solution to reduce speed in car parks and along roadways. They come in different heights to slow cars to different speeds and are modular so you can make them up to any width traffic lane. We support speedwatch campaigns run by the police and local support groups with our alternative options on Speedwatch signs

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Flow Plate - Surface Mounted

Surface mounted directional flow plate Flow plates, ideal for controlling traffic travelli..

From £145.00

Speed Ramp Kits 10 mph

10 mph Speed Ramp KitsSpeed ramp kit, high visibility yellow and black recycled rubber moulded ..

From £138.00

Speed Ramp Kits 5mph

5 mph Speed Ramp Kit 2.9m or 3.4m  Speed ramp kit, high visibility yellow and black recycl..

From £172.00

Speedwatch sign - rectangular

Lightweight, compact, roll-up speed watch sign which will fit easily into any boot. Note: Delivery t..

From £128.00

Speedwatch Sign - Triangular

Speedwatch Sign - Triangular  Single sided triangular speed watch sign suitable for community&n..

From £93.00

Speedwatch Sign 3 Sided

Light weight, portable speed watch sign and will fit easily into the boot of a car. For use in short..

From £160.00