Temporary Flood Defences

Do you have a place in your home or business that is vulnerable to flood threats, water damage or sewage leaks?  It’s a common problem.    Prepare for flood water by keeping Hydrosnakes or Hydrosacks on hand, if an issue arises, they will be there to help whilst you sort out a permanent solution.  They offer an innovative defence against flooding.    The Hydrosnake is a 1.4m long tube filled with super absorbent materials.   When dry it weighs just 0.5kg, when wet it expands to become a solid barrier that will hold back or redirect low level flood water from your property.   The Hydrosack is a sandless sandbag utilising the same technology as the Hydrosnake.   Each sack measures 48 x 60cm.    They are both sold in packs of two. 


Long Shelf Life

Both the Hydrosnake & Hydrosack will keep on the shelf for over 5 years if they are stored in their original packaging and kept dry.   This makes them an ideal product to have in your storeroom.  They’ll be there when you need them, you can protect your property before an incident is able to cause a lot of damage.    If you would like a recommendation then take it from the experts: they are used by the Fire & Rescue service all across the UK. 


The Uses of Hydrosnakes & Hydrosacks

Both bits of kit are designed to stop water ingress.  You can place them in front of doors, windows and any other openings to prevent water from flooding in.   They are also useful to redirect floodwater if you have a suitable place to send it to.    The other key use is in pollution events. Should you have a sewage leak or a non-corrosive chemical leak you can activate your Hydro products to protect buildings and redirect the flow. 


How to Use Hydrosnakes & Hydrosacks

Gravitas, the manufacturer, advise activating them before use.  The quickest way to do this is to immerse them in a bucket of water for 2-3 minutes and then place them where needed.   Be aware that the weight will increase substantially once activated.   It is possible to soak them in situ, by spraying them with water or pouring water on them, but this will take longer.     You can create piles of either the snakes or sacks to make a barrier to cover the space that you need.   If you are creating a tower make sure that you activate each layer individually before placing the next layer on top.  This will ensure that you have the most effective barrier possible and that each item swells to capacity. 


Can I Reuse Hydrosnakes or Hydrosacks?

Once activated they will be effective for up to 6 months. After this time it is recommended to replace them.  They will not return to their original state once dried out.  When you have finished using them, they need to be disposed of by emptying out the inner material onto a suitable piece of ground.  It is safe for wildlife and will decompose organically in a short time.


What are Hydrosnakes & Hydrosacks filled with?

Super Absorbent Polymers (SAPS) and wood pulp are the key ingredients.  SAPs are commonly used in disposable nappies.  One important differentiating factor is that the Hydro products use only environmentally friendly SAPs.   Many copycat products contain dangerous chemicals that cannot be safely disposed of and can cause environmental damage.   We recommend buying only Gravitas Hydro products to be sure that you are buying both a high quality and a safe product.

Get prepared for floods with our range of temporary flood defenses.