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Get involved in litter picking and help to Keep Britain Tidy.   There are a wide range of ways you can help from starting a community litter picking group, starting a school rubbish awareness campaign, joining a charity clean up like the 2 Minute Beach Clean and the inspiring Million Mile Beach Clean organised by Surfers Against Sewage.    Read about why people drop litter, find out if littering is a crime and much more.   


29 Aug What is Pliking?
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So you may have heard of plogging – the combination of litter picking and jogging, but have you heard of Pliking? Pliking is the combination of hIKING..
26 Jul What is Plogging?
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Plogging is the combination of litter picking and jogging.  Started by eco & fitness conscious Swedes and it’s really caught on.  It’s estimated that ..
14 Jul Bulk Buying Litter Pickers?
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Do you need to bulk buy litter pickers? We can help you.  Expert advice, great prices and high-quality products come as standard at Parking Shop Direc..
20 Jun How To Start a Litter Picking Group
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Are you thinking about starting a litter picking group but not sure what the first steps are?  This post is for you!  We've broken the process down in..
13 Jun Why Do People Litter Pick?
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There’s a wide range of reasons that people get out there and get involved with litter picking and some may not be what you are expecting.Keeping Thin..
08 Jun How to Organise a School Litter Pick
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Litter on school grounds devalues educational spaces and often causes complaints from the public, parents, teachers, or pupils.   No one likes there t..
28 May Getting Started with Litter Picking
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If you're thinking about getting started or joining a litter pick in your local area, well done!  There's an army of litter picking volunteers who are..
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