If you're thinking about getting started or joining a litter pick in your local area, well done!  There's an army of litter picking volunteers who are helping to keep the streets and countryside clean for everyone.  It really is a generous act and will make a difference.  Studies have shown that when litter is left on the ground it attracts more litter so by keeping things tidy it helps to prevent more litter being dropped.  The more visible the piece of litter the more likely it is that other litter will be dropped next to it - disposable coffee cups and takeaway food wrappers are among the worst offenders for this.    

There are loads of great resources out there if you're looking to get started. If you've never done a litter pick before you can either buy yourself some equipment and head out or you can join a community litter picking group.  There's sure to be one local to you.   Clean Up UK are a nationwide organisation that support litter picking groups, local councils and schools, you can use their map tool to find a group near to you or register your group and attract new volunteers.   They provide really useful guides about safety, rubbish disposal & the legal procedures for Fly Tipping, Insurance for Community Groups and a whole host of other issues that you may encounter.  

Beach cleans have been in the news a lot recently, thanks to the tireless work of activist organisations such as Surfers Against Sewage, the Marine Conservation Charity and many many others.  If you live near to the shoreline take a look down when you next walk along and you'll see the extent of the problem clearly.  Thousands of tiny pieces of plastics litter our beachesg and getting involved in a beach clean is a really positive way to help to end plastic pollution.  It's also great for kids to get involved with, it's inspiring to see how motivated the younger generation are to make a change.   There's obviously a need to change product design, particularly for single use plastics but there's also a great need to start cleaning the ocean. Every contribution helps!    There's a massive community of litter pickers and some really supportive Litter Picking Facebook Groups, they're both a brilliant resource if you have any questions and a place to share your experiences and successes.   

Here at Parking Shop Direct we sell Litter Picking Tools and we've chosen to only sell tools made by The Helping Hands Company.  They are a fantastic organisation who design & manufacture their products here in the UK.  Millions of their litter grabbers have been sold world wide. They are durable, easy to use, lightweight and great at picking up rubbish.  They have a few variations with different sizes, length and claw type dependent on the intended use.    If you've ever litter picked before you may have had some issues with your rubbish bag closing in the wind, their solution to this is the Handihoop. It's a rubbish bag opener which makes filling a rubbish bag much easier by securely holding the top of the bag open.  Having a great rubbish collecting kit can make a big difference to morale, particularly if the weather is inclement so we would recommend these as a practical and affordable solution to that issue.  

If you have any queries about the kit or need any advice please do get in touch with us.  We can offer discounted prices for bulk orders and can advise you on the best kit for the job you need doing, whether you are a community group organiser or a business taking care of your environment.