Do you need to bulk buy litter pickers? We can help you.  Expert advice, great prices and high-quality products come as standard at Parking Shop Direct.    Both quality & price are important when you are putting in your order that’s why we only sell litter grabbers made by the world-renowned Helping Hands Company.  They offer the best of both worlds, great value and well made products that will last time and time again.   Beware of cheap imitations!   If you are putting together a large order, please give us a call for our best prices.  We can offer further discounts on bulk orders of litter picking kit.

We have an array of packages to suit litter picking groups containing up to 10 litter pickers and 10 litter hoops which be used by 10 to 20 individuals.    We also have designed specialist kits including litter picking kits for schools & youth groups which have mini litter grabbers for small hands, high vis jackets and gloves.   You can build you own kit to suit your needs with our range of individual items.  You can choose from specialist kits such as an extra-long litter picker for hard-to-reach areas such as rooves and river banks.  It can be surprisingly useful to have one in your kit even if it’s not used every day.  For example, to reach up into trees to get out helium balloons. It’s one of the most common forms of accidental littering and they can be quite tricky to reach without a ladder, which is definitely too bulky a tool to be carrying around!

Wearing safety kit is definitely advised for anyone picking litter so be sure to order high visibility jackets and safety gloves for all members of your team.     

If you have any questions about how or what you should order please get in contact with us and allow our friendly and knowledgeable staff to assist you.