Health and Safety

Health and Safety

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Extinguisher - CO2

Extinguisher - CO2 Ideal for car parks as it can be used on electrical equipment and flammable ..

From £44.50

Extinguisher - Water - 9 Litre

Extinguisher - Water - 9 Litre Lead time - 2 -3 days ***All Prices Exclude VAT***&nbs..

From £39.00

First Aid Kit Travel BS Compliant

British Standard Compliant Travel First Aid Kit A must have for all travelling employees. • Ensur..

From £14.00

First Aid Kits In Aura Box - BS8599

British Standard Compliant First Aid Kits • Our most popular first aid kits which are fully complia..

From £18.65

First Aid Motor Vehicle BS Compliant

British Standard CompliantMotor Vehicle First Aid KitsDeveloped by medical and industrial profession..

From £18.65

Flow Plate - Surface Mounted

Surface Mounted Flow Plate Flow plates, ideal for controlling traffic travelling at less t..

From £145.00

Grit Bin - 220 Litre Capacity

Ultimate Grit Bin  Robust design with unique full moisture control system.  • Salt-resis..

From £187.00

Grit Bin - 60 Litre

Grit Bin - 60 Litre A grit bin is a widely recognised method of ensuring there is de-icing grit..

From £71.00

Gum Wrapper - Gum Disposal Wrapper

Gum Wrapper - Gum Disposal Wrapper Chewing gum is one of the worst forms of littering and is es..

From £0.45

Hazard Warning Flashing Lights Kit

Hazlight Micro uses LED light giving excellent visbility in darkness. The visibilty of a warning tri..

From £36.00

Heavy Duty Snow Shovel

Heavy Duty Snow Shovel With its deep cavity blade reinforced with a strong steel wear strip, th..

From £43.00

Height Restriction Barrier

Height Restrictor Barrier Ideal for use in car parks2x 2 metre suspension metal 6mm chain, whic..

From £48.00

High Visibility Waistcoat - Hi Vis Orange

  High visibility waistcoat with braces which is both comfortable and flexible.This waistc..

From £3.25

High Visibility Waistcoat - Hi Vis Yellow

  High visibility waistcoat with braces which is both comfortable and flexible and conform..

From £3.25

Hydrosack - Pack of 2

Hydrosack  Create a highly effective flood barrier in domestic and commercial properties. &n..

From £15.50