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Heavy Duty Snow Shovel
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Heavy Duty Snow ShovelWith its deep cavity blade reinforced with a strong steel wear strip, this heavy duty snow shovel is perfect for clearing driveways and paths of snow and chipping away dangerous patches of ice. The handle has also been slightly curved to create an ideal scraping position.The ..
Large Snow ShovelThe increasingly unpredictable weather means you can never be quite sure when you’ll receive heavy snowfall. Make sure you’re ready for when it does fall with our large snow shovel, which will ensure you’re always able to clear the snow and create a walkway outside of your home or p..
Multi-Function Snow Shovel With its deep cavity blade this multi-function snow shovel is perfect for clearing driveways and paths of snow, by scraping and shoveling.Designed with ease and comfort of use in mind, the Ergo D-Grip handle of this heavy duty snow shovel is cushioned to allow th..
Model: TPSSLSS30
Salt Spreader 30kg High Output30kg hopper capacity constructed from rust proof materialLightweight chassis with height adjustable handle, which makes the spreader easier to manoeuvre220mm (dia) pneumatic tyres on rust proof rims enable the salt spreader to be used on rough terrainFeatures solid, all..
Model: TPSSLSS36
Salt Spreader 36kg Professional  With unique agitation at point of delivery for complete hopper emptying.36kg hopper capacity and 4m typical spread width – up to 50% wider than other spreaders.Unique interchangeable trays can be quickly and easily changed according to the de-icing material bei..
Snow PusherDon't be caught out in unexpected deep snow. This solid snow scoop, with a wooden handle, is a perfect addition to both home and work general tools. It is virtually unbreakable and promises to defeat the snow no matter how much has settled. Its large base can shovel snow at speed, ensurin..
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