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Litter Picking - Tidy Beach Kit

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Litter Picking - Tidy Beach Kit
Litter Picking - Tidy Beach Kit
Litter Picking - Tidy Beach Kit
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Litter Picking - Tidy Beach Kit
Litter Picking - Tidy Beach Kit
Litter Picking - Tidy Beach Kit
Litter Picking - Tidy Beach Kit
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Litter Picking - Tidy Beach Kit

Beach cleans are an effective way to improve ocean health.   This beach clean kit has been put together to include everything you need to safely and effectively collect rubbish from the shore line.  



- 1 x Ranger Max

- 1 x Large adult Hi Vis

- 1 x Pair adult PVC gloves

- 1 x Large kit bag in red

- 1 x Handihoop bag opener 

The Ranger Max is a practical, hard wearing piece of kit designed to handle large and small items of rubbish.   The feet have flexible traction that helps you to grasp onto the smallest items of rubbish such as the commonly littered cigarette butts.  Know that the time you spend collecting rubbish is the most effective that it can be with the Ranger Max Litter Picker.     A high visibility jacket and PVC gloves are included to ensure maximum safety & visibility when you're out.   A Handihoop bag opener is particularly useful down on the beach where it is often windy. The rubbish bag opener keeps the top of the bag accessible at all times meaning that you can spend more time collecting rubbish and less opening your rubbish bag.   Store everything away in a red kit bag at the end of the day, ready for your next excursion.


This kit is ideal for anyone wishing to make a difference to the environment and help keep our beautiful beaches clean. Incorporating all the basics you need to pick up litter from beaches including the Ranger Max which is ideal for heavy duty collection due to the fact that it is rugged and durable and has extra wide jaw opening.


Lead time - 7 days


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