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Solar LED Streetlight - Solarstreet

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Solar LED Streetlight - Solarstreet
Solar LED Streetlight - Solarstreet
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Solar LED Streetlight - Solarstreet

Solarstreet provides optimum performance from a solar LED street lighting solution.

Smart, intelligent solar powered street lighting.

Key Features

  • Zero energy costs
  • Solar energy harvested from 4 vertical faces
  • Ni-Mh batteries with up to 10 yr life
  • 14 days autonomy (without daylight)
  • PIR sensors trigger LED bright-up on approach

These 2m solar powered street lights are ideal for many environments including pathways, cycle paths, playgrounds and public streets. They can operate in temperatures between -40 and +85 c, they are low maintenance and have a range of up to 5 metres and a detection angle of 120 degrees.

The street light has a control system that monitors ambient light levels and can not only anticipate the transition from day to night but also allows for seasonal changes in light levels. These street lights save thousands over 10 years compared to the running costs for 150w electric street lights.

For our full information brochure and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Comparisons please click below.

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