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Clean and Tidy

Litter collection, litter picking, rubbish bins

Managing litter and rubbish is key to keeping places clean and safe in workplaces, public areas, and schools.  We stock a range of litter picking equipment, litter bins and stub stores to help you to manage your environment safely and efficiently.

Our range of litter pickers and accessories are ideal for the workplace, for individuals and for organised litter picking groups.  We also have children's litter picking kit with child size litter pickers and safety kit, and a ready made litter picking kit for schools, ideal for teachers to inspire little litter heroes.    Our litter picking kit is produced by the Helping Hands company, who make durable and effective tools that will help you achieve your goals safely and efficiently. 

We stock cigarette bins as well as standard litter bins, Plaswood litter bins, that are made from recycled plastic, stub stores and gum wrappers to encourage correct disposal of waste and help keep our cities and countryside tidy.  

For further information or help please call our friendly and knowledgeable customer service team on 01604 438189.

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