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20 Nov A Guide to Water Fire Extinguishers
PSDAmy 0 45
How to Identify Water Fire ExtinguishersWater Extinguishers can be easily identified by the RED coloured section that is labelled water. They should a..
10 Nov How to Support Road Safety Week
PSDAmy 0 71
“Let's Talk About Speed”The Road Safety Charity Brake our launching their biggest annual campaign from November 19th to November 25th 2023, Road Safet..
02 Nov Purple Tuesday: Accessibility and Inclusion
PSDAmy 0 99
On the 7th November 2023 Purple Tuesday takes place. This is a relatively new annual event that has taken place since 2018. It is a global social move..
24 Oct A Guide to Wet Chemical Fire Extinguishers
PSDAmy 0 131
How to Identify Wet Chemical Fire ExtinguishersWet Chemical Extinguishers, can be easily identified by the YELLOW coloured section that is labelled We..
09 Oct World Sight Day and Eye Care in the Workplace
PSDAmy 0 137
The month of October brings with it an emphasis on the blind and visually impaired community, focusing on the harsh realities of those living without ..
03 Oct School Premises Management
PSDAmy 0 342
With schools back in session, after the conclusion to the summer holidays, it is important to consider School Premises Management. This includes every..
26 Sep World Car Free Day and Active Travel
PSDAmy 0 371
With World Car Free Day having recently taken place on the 22nd September, encouraging everyone to give up using their cars for the day, it has got us..
23 Sep A Guide to CO2 Fire Extinguishers
PSDAmy 0 132
How to Identify CO2 Fire ExtinguishersCO2 Extinguishers, can be easily identified by the BLACK coloured section that is labelled CO2 and the extinguis..
06 Sep A Guide to Foam Fire Extinguishers
PSDAmy 0 315
How to Identify Foam Fire ExtinguishersFoam Extinguishers can be easily identified by the CREAM coloured section that is labelled FOAM. They should al..
28 Aug IBSA World Games 2023 and tactile products for the visually impaired
PSDAmy 0 429
The International Blind Sports Federation (IBSA) World Games reached its conclusion yesterday. The event is held for blind and partially sighted athle..
17 Aug A Guide to Dry Powder Fire Extinguishers
PSDAmy 0 307
How to Identify Dry Powder Fire ExtinguishersDry Powder Extinguishers, also known as ABC Powder Extinguishers can be easily identified by the BLUE col..
29 Jul A Short Guide to Fire Extinguishers
PSDAmy 0 767
Understanding the different types of fire, is vital to be able to know how to tackle it, as certain fires require specific extinguishers in order to t..
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