Skipper is a well-established company that specialises in safety barrier products. They have a wide range of safety barrier systems designed to manage the flow of pedestrians and traffic, providing highly effective crowd control solutions. They come in a combination of bright colours to enhance visibility, which can help to prevent accidents and injuries. The products can be used in a wide range of places including, but in no way limited to, being used on construction sites, in warehouses, at airports or at events.

The Skipper Helix Cone is a particularly innovative design, which is patent protected. It is a highly versatile and effective product.

Innovative Design

The clever spiral design deflects wind away and helps to make the cone more stable. The glass bead sleeve is an additional feature that enhances visibility, especially in low-light conditions or during the night. The sleeve has much higher reflectivity than compared to an ordinary road cone, which helps to create safer roads, working and public environments by drawing attention to potential hazards and improving safety awareness.


The Helix Cones are compatible with Skipper Units, which simply and conveniently click into place on the top of the cone using an inference fit. This enables them to be used in a wider variety of situations depending on your requirements. The following units can be used in conjunction with the Helix Cones:


Skipper Helix Cones are made from durable materials, this ensures longevity and resistance to poor weather conditions. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Stackable Design

The Skipper Helix Cones are stackable. This allows both convenient storage and transportation, as well as facilitating easy deployment in large quantities for events, on construction sites, for road works etc.

Our Verdict

The Helix Cone offers an excellent combination of high visibility, versatility and durability making them the perfect choice for helping to enhance safety in a variety of environments. The innovative design used alone, or in combination with Skippers other safety barrier products, provides an effective solution for creating safer spaces and helps to reduce the overall risk of accidents and injuries, making them essential components for effective safety management systems in an array of environments.