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25 Jan Winter Safety
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Winter Safety at WorkIt is important to make sure that the correct work place safety procedures are in place to ensure that staff and visitors are saf..
17 Nov What are Prohibition Signs and the legal requirements for the no-smoking ban?
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What is a Prohibition Sign?A prohibition sign is a safety sign prohibiting (forbidding) an activity. These signs are usually banning a particular beha..
10 Nov Parking Permit Holders
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Displaying Parking PermitsHave you ever been caught out and received a penalty charge for not displaying a valid permit properly? Perhaps your ticket ..
04 Nov Where can Plaswood products be used?
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Where can Plaswood Products be used?Plaswood furniture are innovative products that use 100% recycled plastic to create hard wearing and durable produ..
27 Oct What are the main benefits of installing Solar Powered Lighting?
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Reducing your Carbon Footprint and Negative Impact on the Environment Solar power is a renewable source of energy. Unlike other energy sources that ha..
20 Oct Road Studs – Types and Application
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Road Studs are used in a variety of situations that we come across everyday, often without realising. They are largely used for permanent delineation ..
06 Oct What are the main benefits of using recycled plastic furniture?
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Reducing LandfillIt is well known that we currently have a lot of plastic waste going into landfill. Currently landfill sites are filling up fast and ..
30 Sep Fire Safety Signs and their Purpose
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When do you need to use fire safety signs? Fire safety signs are essential in commercial premises and form a vital part in fire protection for staff a..
16 Aug Introducing Plaswood
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What is Plaswood?Plaswood is an innovative recycled wood like product that is made entirely from plastic waste that has been diverted from landfill. I..
03 Aug Uses for Demarcation Road Studs
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Road studs are small metal objects that are lodged into the ground to delineate boundaries.    They are usually made from brass or steel and can be sm..
10 Jul Uses of Tactile Studs and Blister Paving for the Visually Impaired
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Have you ever noticed the different types of paving with bumps and raised surfaces whilst going about your daily routines and wondered why they are th..
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