This years Great Big School Clean 2024 event is underway but it is not too late to take part. The event began on the 15th March and runs until the 31st March with the aim of promoting cleanliness and environmental awareness in schools whilst helping to clean up our environment.

If every child attending school in the UK made the pledge to collect one bag of litter we would have a staggering 10.3 million bags collected in total. So pop over to the Keep Britain Tidy Website to sign up now. Once you have made a pledge a digital pack of resources, will be sent to you. This has details on how to encourage everyone to litter pick and get the campaign activated in your school, the pack includes some fun litter picking related activities to help children become #LitterHeroes and encourage them to consider their wider impact on the environment, minimise littering and have a positive environmental impact. There is even a fun competition being run this year in collaboration with the UK's Vintage Litter Museum in Suffolk. The museums ongoing campaign seeks to raise awareness of the permanence of litter dropped by people decades ago. As such, they have launched a special competition to find the oldest piece of litter during this years event.

Once you have signed up Parking Shop Direct has the perfect tools to help get your campaign going...

School Litter Picking Kit

The Litter Picking Schools Groups Kit are high quality and have been designed to provide a safe and fun experience. The kits include:

5 x Graptor Litter Pickers

5 x Handihoop foam handle bag opener

10 x Childrens Hi Vis vests

10 x Pairs of Childrens reusable gloves

2 x Large kit bags in red

The Graptor litter pickers have a fun dinosaur teeth design, aimed at promoting imaginative play, allowing kids to incorporate story telling into their litter picking experience. The kits are designed for use by 10 children, inspiring co-operation and team-work, as they can work together in pairs or groups to collect the litter. We recommend that litter pickers wear high vis whilst making their collections; as this highlights to the community that people are working hard to clean the area and this helps to create a sense of civic responsibility.

If you have older children / young adults taking part and require different sizes we also have a large variety of litter picking kits and equipment available.

Be part of the #BigBagChallenge this year and help make a huge difference to care for your local community and planet that we all love.

Long Term Solutions

As well as getting involved and helping to litter pick for this campaign (and you can keep this activity going throughout the year too!) there are a couple simple things that can be done to help reduce littering in the future.

Litter Bins: A common reason that people drop litter is that they are not near a bin. Providing rubbish bins is a simple way to reduce litter dropping and to encourage responsible waste disposal, so make sure that you have enough spread across your premises. We have a range of rubbish bins that includes a hard wearing Plaswood bin made from recycled plastic. See our the full range of Litter Bins.

Stub Stores: Cigarette butts are the most littered item globally, they is a massive problem as they are also toxic for the environment. Changing the behaviour of smokers can be as simple as providing them with outdoor ashtrays or with stub stores, these are small inexpensive pouches that can be carried in a bag and used to dispose of cigarette butts when smokers are out and about.

If you have any questions about any of our products and would like some more information about them then please contact our friendly customer service who will be happy to assist you.