Fire Safety

Fire Safety

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A5 Fire Safety Log Book

A5 Fire Safety Log Book Lead time - 2 -3 days   ***All Prices Exclude VAT**..

From £6.30

Extinguisher - ABC Powder

Extinguisher - ABC Powder  This extinguisher is suitable for use on paper, trash and wood, liqu..

From £14.50

Extinguisher - AFFF Spray Foam

Extinguisher - AFFF Spray Foam   It is suitable for use on flammable liquids such as petro..

From £38.00

Extinguisher - CO2

Extinguisher - CO2 Ideal for car parks as it can be used on electrical equipment and flammable ..

From £44.50

Extinguisher - Water - 9 Litre

Extinguisher - Water - 9 Litre Lead time - 2 -3 days ***All Prices Exclude VAT***&nbs..

From £39.00