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Instarmac Instant Pothole Repair

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Instarmac Instant Pothole Repair
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Instarmac Instant Pothole Repair
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  • Model: TPSSLPR
  • Weight: 25.00kg

Instant pothole and surface repair

There’s nothing worse than bumping cars or delivery vehicles over potholed roads when you’re trying to get deliveries out of your premises, especially if you sell delicate, fragile items or highly sensitive calibrated equipment. Fix the problem quickly with our instant pothole repair formula, which is ready mixed for your convenience and can be applied immediately, straight from the pot, without having to do any messy mixing.

The formula can be applied in any weather conditions with no need to wait for better weather before you can experience smooth road surfaces.

Quickly repair potholes in paths, driveways, cycle paths and carriageways, or carry out remedial work around manholes and on type 2, 3 or 4 roads without any mess or fuss. Just open the 25kg tub, apply the mix and you’re done.

There’s no need to wait for the formula to dry or cool before you can start using the repaired area again, offering convenience and saving time to get you and your business back on the road instantly.

The pothole repair formula is also environmentally friendly – an increasing concern of ethical businesses – and is light on labour time and cost-effective as you only need to apply the formula once to fix your potholes.

The instant pothole fixer formula is BBA/HAPAS approved and also supports what is required by the Traffic Management Act. You can also easily store your pothole repair formula out of the way as it comes in a handy tub, which can be kept in stores until needed.

To create the ultimate waterproof seal, always use our Edge Sealant, which can be used in any weather. Just spray the ozone-friendly sealant on and the pothole repair is immediately waterproof and protected from the damage of freezing and thawing.

Lead time - 2 - 3 days

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