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Instarmac Waterproofing Edge Sealant Spray for Instant Pothole Repair

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Instarmac Waterproofing Edge Sealant Spray for Instant Pothole Repair
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Instarmac Waterproofing Edge Sealant Spray for Instant Pothole Repair
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Waterproofing Edge Sealant Spray

Potholes can cause havoc on roads and in car parks, and they're a pain to repair without the right equipment. Resurfacing the entire area, however, is expensive, time-consuming and can cause major disruption while the work is carried out. Instant Pothole Repair is a simple, convenient and highly effective way to repair potholes quickly, without the need to close off the area for long periods of time. Simply apply it straight from the container and your pothole is repaired in next to no time. The product is also suitable for use around manholes and other features.

Once you've carried out the initial repair, using the Instarmac Pothole repair Kit, it's important to ensure it lasts as long as possible and stays in great condition. This edge sealant product is the ideal way to finish off the mended pothole, instantly creating a water-resistant barrier around the edge and helping to prevent damage caused by freezing and thawing. It's incredibly easy to apply, simply by inverting the can and spraying it directly where you need it. No brushes or other tools are needed to do a perfect job every time.

This edge sealing spray is suitable for use in all weather conditions, including freezing or extremely hot areas, plus it's ozone friendly to help protect the environment. It's also BPA and HAPAS approved, so you can use it with confidence. 


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