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Demarcation Stud - stainless steel - 75mm

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Demarcation Stud - stainless steel - 75mm
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Demarcation Stud - stainless steel - 75mm
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Demarcation Stud in Stainless Steel for marking boundaries 75mm

A low domed marker stud with minimal trip hazard.

They are designed with a low profile  and so as not to confuse the blind or partially sighted (unlike tactile studs that have a domed profile  to alert the visually impaired to various hazards).

Demarcation studs are an ideal product to mark parking bays, or areas on pavements indicating boundaries. Diameter 75mm. The demarcation marker studs are constructed from stainless steel and have passed the slip test in both dry and wet conditions.

The studs are fixed by drilling (12mm drill bit) the paving and then gluing the stud into position.

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