So you may have heard of plogging – the combination of litter picking and jogging, but have you heard of Pliking?

Pliking is the combination of hIKING / bIKING and Picking up Litter. As with Plogging the idea is to clean up public spaces, whilst out getting the health benefits from exercise, in the case of Pliking from either hiking or biking.

If you don't exercise regularly this can be a great gateway activity, and the twofold aspect of Pliking might be the motivation you need to get outdoors to enjoy the fresh air and make a difference to your surrounding environment.

It is well known that litter can have a large negative impact on our environment. In some cases toxic chemicals can leak out from the debris and get into the water, ground and air, causing untold damage to our natural surroundings. It can also harm wildlife, affecting their growth and stunting eco-systems, by damaging their habitats as well as harming them physically. It is important that we all try to combat this, and Pliking offers the perfect opportunity to do so.

Pliking by hiking

If you prefer to hike than cycle then simply add a pair of safety gloves and a rubbish bag when you head out. As you hike keep an eye out for litter and when you spot some squat down, collect it and pop it into the bag, or alternatively use a litter picker to assist you with this. Once you have collected the litter simply keep on hiking. It really is as simple as that!

Pliking on a bike

If cycling is your chosen method of pliking then a litter picker is recommended for this activity. Alongside this, we would suggest either panniers or a secure container to use for collecting the litter, as a hanging rubbish bag might get caught when cycling and cause accidents.

How to dispose of the litter collected

Once you have completed a Pliking session you will need to dispose of the litter collected. As an individual you can often add this to your household bins, if possible it is best to separate this and recycle were possible to gain the maximum benefit for the environment.

If you are part of a group then we suggest getting in contact with your local council. Often they are keen to support litter pickers and they may be able to offer you litter picking kits and somewhere to drop the rubbish off once you have collected it.

Advantages of Pliking

  • You can help to save our natural environment by removing man made rubbish that can be harmful to the environment and can also cause physical injury to people or animals who come into contact with them.

  • It promotes a more healthy lifestyle; the exercise is largely aerobic but also combines an anaerobic element in squats, lunges, carrying extra weight etc. when you pick the litter up.

  • It helps to improve your natural surrounding, creating a more beautiful landscape for everyone to enjoy.

Make a difference

If you would like to get more involved look for local Facebook groups, google Pliking in your area or even set up your own Pliking group and help make a real difference to your community and the environment.