“Let's Talk About Speed”

The Road Safety Charity Brake our launching their biggest annual campaign from November 19th to November 25th 2023, Road Safety Week. This campaign aims to promote communities and organisations to engage with road safety initiatives, in order to make the roads safer for everyone. This years key theme is all about speed awareness. According to Brake speeding is one of the biggest killers on the road and five people die on the road every single day. The campaign hopes to raise awareness of the dangers that are involved when driving over the speed limit or at an inappropriate speed for the conditions. With the ultimate aim of reducing death and injury and improving road safety.

How to get Involved with the Campaign

Every year businesses, schools and communities share vital road safety guidance and help raise funds for the charity to help care for road accident victims and make sure that roads are safer for all users. It is very easy to register via Brake's sign-up link. Once you have registered they will contact you with a free Road Safety Week action pack that contains a whole host of engaging ideas and activities for you and your staff to implement.

Going beyond the Campaign

If you own a business premises with roads and a car park on your site then we would recommend using speed signs, as part of your car park management, to help remind road users of the limits in place, both in an attempt to minimise their speed and the risk of accidents, to create a safer environment for all. We have 5mph speed limit signs and 10mph speed limit signs available with either a wall or post fixing, so that the most suitable option can be selected for the environment it is being placed in.

There are also opportunities across the country to join in with Community Speed Watch initiatives. These are run by local councils, it is possible to register to set up your own Community Speed Watch Group or to join an existing one. The initiative is driven by volunteers in conjunction with the police. Currently, fixed speed cameras locations are known by locals and commuters, meaning that they slow down for the camera and then often increase their speed again afterwards, which means areas not covered by camera technology remain a problem. The purpose of community speed watch is to help raise awareness surrounding the issue of speeding, whilst showing a real community presence and concern, to make road users think more about the dangers of driving over the speed limit. The set up of this scheme is simple, a small group of volunteers have a speed detecting device and a speed watch sign to alert road users that the scheme is being conducted. They then record the speed data of the vehicles driving by. The simple presence of the speed watch is often enough to get road users to slow down and consider their speed. However, if this is not enough of a deterrent then if initiative catches drivers speeding regularly a letter is sent to their address to act as a warning, which again is aimed at making drivers consider their actions and the consequences. If they continue flouting the speed limit then the police may decide to get further involved. You can Register via the Community Speed Watch UK Website to show your support and help raise awareness of the dangers surrounding speeding.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch with our excellent Customer Service Team.