Litter Picking Events

With the Great British Spring Clean and the Great Big School Clean Campaigns coming up from the 17th March to the 2nd April 2023, for the 8th anniversary of the event, there is no better time to think about helping to clean up our environment. Follow the link to read more about the campaigns from Keep Britain Tidy.

These events are a great way to get children, in particular, interested in cleaning up our world and keeping it clean, allowing our natural surroundings to thrive. Often children are more keen than adults to protect the natural world, so educating children regarding waste management can be an excellent way to help them understand the environmental issues that littering can create.

School Litter Picking Kit

Our Litter PickingSchools Groups Kit is the perfect way to start to get kids involved. They are high quality kits designed to provide a safe and fun experience. The kits include:

5 x Graptor Litter Pickers

5 x Handihoop foam handle bag opener

10 x Childrens Hi Vis vests

10 x Pairs of Childrens reusable gloves

2 x Large kit bags in red

The Graptor litter pickers have a fun design, aimed at promoting imaginative play, as they have a dinosaur teeth design, allowing kids to incorporate story telling into their litter picking experience. The kits are designed for use by 10 children, inspiring co-operation and team-work, as they can work together in pairs or groups to collect the litter.

Helping Hands Company

The kit is made to a high quality, in the UK, by a family run business. They are an excellent sustainably minded company that work with a variety of charities and governmental organisations to try and improve and sustain our natural environment. To read more on the fantastic work that they do please follow the link to the Helping Hands Company.

Inspiring kids to get involved with these events can help encourage responsibility and pride in their local communities, whilst providing a great opportunity to educate them on the environmental impact of littering.