Reducing your Carbon Footprint and Negative Impact on the Environment

Solar power is a renewable source of energy. Unlike other energy sources that have finite supplies, solar energy will be accessible for billions of years and it can be utilised in all areas of the world. It provides an excellent opportunity to reduce our carbon footprint and impact on the planet, as no carbon emissions come from solar energy, so it is an Eco-friendly and sustainable source of power. The battery stores up solar power gathered throughout the day and in the evening / over night uses that stored power to illuminate the chosen area.


With the rising cost of energy, solar powered lighting can be an excellent way to reduce your ongoing bills. Once they have been installed they require minimal maintenance and there will not be any energy bills to pay!

Easy Installation

Installing lighting which needs a mains electricity power supply can be very costly and time-consuming. Solar powered lighting can be much easier to install as they can be stand-alone devices, which can mean substantial savings on installation compared to other hard-wired options. Solar powered lights are especially useful in more remote areas where access to a mains power supply is either unreliable or unavailable.

Intelligent Solar Lighting Options

The technology behind solar lighting has come on massively in recent years and now many smart options are available.

Take a look at the range of Solar Powered Lighting options we can supply. These use the latest developments in solar energy to provide intelligent, interactive technology that detects human traffic and increases illumination accordingly. Conversely, when no movement is detected the devices power down to a lower level, which not only conserves energy but also reduces light pollution.