The month of October brings with it an emphasis on the blind and visually impaired community, focusing on the harsh realities of those living without sight, during Blindness Awareness Month. On Thursday 13th October 2023 there is a particular spotlight on this, as World Sight Day takes place. This is considered one of the most important events on the eye health calendar. This years campaign is being coordinated by the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness (IAPB). This year their key theme is “Love Your Eyes at Work,” this concentrates on eye health in the workplace. As part of their campaign they have provided a lot of useful documentation to help assist with all workplace eye care to try and help avoid any eye related accidents happening because of or during work. Follow the link to access their world sight day tool-kits and resources.

According to the IAPB almost 9/10 workplace eye injuries can be prevented with appropriate safety eye-wear. As such, it is very important to make sure relevant health and safety is in place to alert workers when there is a direct hazard to their eye health. Placing a mandatory sign alerting workers that eye protection must be worn in certain areas is imperative to help prevent eye related accidents.

Despite using preventative methods accidents can still occur though, as such it is a great idea to make sure you have the right products in place to combat this if an incident does happen in the workplace. Eye care pod stations, eye wash kits and portable emergency eye wash kits can come in very handy if a product or dirt has got into someone's eye. These kits have clear instructions on how to use them to be able to thoroughly wash out their eye(s) and try to minimise or eradicate any damage that might otherwise occur. Having an eye wash station sign to clearly mark out where the kits are being stored is also beneficial so that it can be easily found in the event of an accident.

If you have any question regarding any of these products then please do get in touch with our expert and knowledgeable customer service team who will be able to assist you further.