How To Quickly Repair A Pothole

Instarmac Instant Pothole Repair is a game changing product that can be used to quickly and easily repair dangerous and unsightly potholes on your road.  It is a BBA/HAPAS Approved Permanent Cold Lay Surfacing Asphalt Concrete for first time permanent reinstatements and pothole repairs in footways, footpaths, cycle tracks and type 3 and 4 roads.   As soon as it is compacted it can be used immediately.  It contains fully graded, high PSV interlocking aggregate as well as specially formulated bitumen, containing polymers and flexibilisers.   In layman's terms it gets the job done by using high spec materials that will stand the test of time.  

To repair a shallow pothole simply brush out any debris, fill in the hole with the Instant pre-mixed pothole repair tarmac, tamp it down and it's ready for driving on.  If conditions are wet or frosty you can create a seal using Instarmac waterproofing edge sealant spray to reduce the risk of damage from freezing and thawing.  Both the products can be used in hot or cold conditions so are ideal for winter weather.   

The Cost of Potholes

Potholes are estimated to have damaged the cars of around one third of drivers, according to research done by Citroen.  The average cost of a repair runs at £141.95 with 11% of drivers having to pay more than £251.   On public roads it is possible to put in a claim with the council to assist with the cost of pothole related damage.  Whoever controls the road has a legal duty to make sure that it is maintained to a fit standard, if they don't then they are liable to pay for repairs to damaged vehicles.  As a business owner this could be your liability, so it makes sense to get ahead of the problem.  Keep the roads and carparks that you are responsible for in good condition and prevent claims before they happen.   It is during winter that most potholes form due to freezing and thawing of water on the road, so it's helpful to have a product that can solve this problem in your maintenance department. 

Can I Repair a Pothole on a Public Road?

No, the responsibility of repair is with the council or owner of the road.  We do not recommend attempting a repair yourself.  You can report a pothole to the council in England & Wales using this form.  Unfortunately the Asphalt Industry Alliance estimate that repairing all of the potholes on local roads in the UK would cost over £12 billion.   Councils generally do not have enough money to repair all of the potholes in their jurisdiction creating a problem for many local residents.  Across the UK a pothole is repaired, on average, every 19 seconds, although this is not fast enough to keep the roads in top condition. 

Dangers of Potholes 

There are a number of problems caused by potholes, car damage is the first one that springs to mind. But serious accidents can be caused. The risk is high for cyclists who may have to swerve to avoid a large pothole or risk tumbling off their bike if they go through it, risking falling into traffic and being injured.  The same issues can happen for cars, particularly on fast roads where it is not possible to take evasive action early.   If you have had an issue with a pothole on public roads, reporting it could help stop an accident.  

What Causes Potholes?

Potholes are holes in roads. They are normally caused by the expansion and contraction of ground water after the water has entered into the ground underneath the pavement, or by water seeping into cracks on the road surface caused by road usage or deterioration.   You're most likely to see new potholes during winter and spring when there is a lot of water around and freezing conditions. 

How to Stop Potholes

The best way to stop your roads forming potholes is to be proactive in your maintenance.  Particularly during winter and spring it is important to carry out regular site inspections to check the quality of the roads and to repair them immediately before the damage increases.  Having Instarmac Instant Repair to hand can help to prevent problems from worsening and will help to keep you staff and visitors safe.