What is Plaswood?

Plaswood is an innovative recycled wood like product that is made entirely from plastic waste that has been diverted from landfill. It is durable, long lasting, recyclable and maintenance free.  It’s an ideal product for outdoor furniture in heavy use areas like parks and schools.   It is a weatherproof, rot resistant material that is non absorbing so perfect for areas that are damp. 

Is Plaswood Safe?

Plaswood is safe. It does not leach any chemicals and additionally does not require painting or chemical treatment before it is used.    It’s also more highly resistant to stains, marking and scratching due to the surface properties.   It can be safely used in heavy traffic areas.

Where is Plaswood Made?

Plaswood has been manufactured in Dumfries in Scotland since 1995, it made by Berry Global who are industry experts in the use and reuse of plastic materials.  Berry have recycled up to 150,000 tonnes of plastic waste each year in Europe.

Is Plaswood Sustainable?

Plaswood is made from 100% recycled plastic material.  This material has been prevented from going into landfill.  Recycling used material is an essential part of the movement towards a circular economy where nothing is wasted.   At the moment, huge amounts of plastic are degrading in landfill causing many problems in our environment, the best solution would be stopping production.  During the transition to a world with minimal plastic recycling the plastic that is in use is the best option we have available to us.      In addition, Plaswood is long lasting and does not need upkeep, so it is a really practical alternative to other materials.

What does Plaswood Look like?

Plaswood looks like a cross between wood and plastic.  It is planked and then used in a very similar way to wood to make furniture such as picnic benches.   Plaswood can be coloured, used to great effect on this olive green planter!

What Plaswood Products are available?

Plaswood made a range of different products. We have selected a range of Plaswood picnic benches and seating which will be a great addition to your property. They are especially suited for outdoor seating for employees, schools, and parks.  See all of our Plaswood street furniture, including bins and planters.   If you would like to purchase a different Plaswood product from those available on our site, please get in touch and our friendly team will be happy to assist you.