Displaying Parking Permits

Have you ever been caught out and received a penalty charge for not displaying a valid permit properly? Perhaps your ticket fell off your dashboard when you closed the car door, or it was face down or obscured in some way that made it illegible. If you have been in this situation, then you know how frustrating it is and that it can also come with hefty financial implications, that can often increase if not paid promptly.  Especially in the current climate where prices for everything are on the rise, avoiding unnecessary penalty charges are definitely a good idea in our book, and having a permit holder can provide an easy and inexpensive solution.

How to Avoid Penalty Charges for A Non-Displayed Parking Permit

As we all know, permits are now required in a whole variety of situations: for workplace parking, car parks, multi-story car parks, street parking, residential parking, club membership, disabled badge holders, business use, insurance permits etc. Assuming that you have parked correctly and considerately then all of these permits are used to prove that you have the right to park in your chosen spot and means you should not receive any other financial repercussions for doing so. In order to avoid any confusion and make sure that your permits can be easily seen, permit holders can simply be applied to the inside of your car windscreen using the self-adhesive versions that we supply. A permit or ticket can then be easily and clearly displayed so that any traffic wardens or car parking monitors are able to quickly identify that you have the appropriate ticket for the area you are parked in, which could both save you money and a lot of hassle. 

There are a variety of types available to suit different purposes...

Small Permit Holders: If you only wish to display the small parking tickets that you get at many car parks or on street parking where permits are required then the credit card size permit holder is the most practical option. You can easily slot in the required ticket, safe in the knowledge that it will be clearly displayed and readable for any wardens or attendants, who come around to check.

Large Permit Holders: Larger versions are available if you need to display something bigger for example season tickets or club membership tickets that often come in different sizes and shapes.

Multi-Purpose Permit Holders: Some of the holders have spaces for more than one ticket. Allowing you to place a ticket that you would like to permanently leave displayed, like a residents parking permit, and also have another section to use for any temporary car parking tickets.