What is an Emergency Warning Triangle?

An emergency warning triangle is a red triangle that has a highly reflective surface and comes with a stand. Whilst it is not a legal requirement, in most cases, to have one in your vehicle it is highly recommended that you do so as an added safety precaution.

When to place a Warning Triangle

If you find yourself with a broken down vehicle or in an accident, it is recommended that you place a warning triangle to alert other road users of an upcoming hazard. However, it is important to note that they are not meant for use on a motorway.

How far away should you place a warning triangle from an accident / hazard?

It is all very well having a red warning triangle available to use if you are ever caught in a situation that requires using one, but do you know how far away from your vehicle you actually need to place it? The Highway Code UK suggests this should be placed 147 feet or 45 metres or more from the broken-down vehicle or accident. This allows other road users the time to slow down, keep a look out for the upcoming hazard and safely manoeuvre around it.

How to place a warning triangle

The triangle should be placed behind the stationery vehicle and to the side of the affected lane. It is important to ensure that it is safe for you to place a warning triangle and that you do not endanger yourself by doing so. If you are able to safely place one then you must take great care when placing the warning triangle and ensure that you keep an eye on oncoming traffic to avoid an accident. Preferably, wear a hi-vis vest while doing this so other road users can easily see you, especially in the dark or poor weather conditions. A vest can be easily stored in your car alongside your warning triangle. Once the hazard is no longer in place the warning triangle should be removed, again it is paramount to ensure that you do this safely, minimise risks, and stay alert to any oncoming traffic.

Go ahead and purchase a warning triangle now, to help keep yourself, and other road users, as safe as possible.