What is a pay and display car park?

Pay and display car parks are used across the country in both urban and rural areas. It is a car-parking system where a user will purchase a permit to park for their vehicle. They last for a specific amount of time depending on the amount paid. Once purchased the permit then needs to be displayed near the windscreen of the vehicle so that it can be clearly seen by a parking attendant.

Long-term and short-term parking

Sometimes pay and display car parks can be described as either long-term or short-term. The variance in cost and maximum time allowed for parking usually depends upon the demand for available spaces.

Long-term car parks tend to be further away from the busiest areas and will allow you to purchase a ticket for a longer period of time, and these will often be more cost effective. Short-term car parks tend to be more expensive in comparison and often have a shorter maximum stay period.

Pay and display machines

Pay and display machines are usually situated fairly prominently within a car park. Depending on the size and location of a car park large there are often multiple machines available. Nowadays pay and display machines tend to accept several different forms of payment, so that it is more convenient for users. You will now often find car parking machines that allow you to pay with coins and notes or by credit/debit cards. They also frequently have the option for contactless payment via either a card or a smart device. These machines help regulate the use of car parks to help reduce unauthorised parking, whilst generating revenue. Our pay and display ticket rolls come with 6000 single issue non-adhesive tickets. They are suitable for use with Parkeon ticket machines.

Displaying your ticket

Once you have paid for your permit it is important to display it clearly in your vehicle so that it may be seen by a parking attendant. If you simply place your ticket on the dashboard it can blow away or fall off when you close your car door, or be obscured in some other way. This could result in a penalty charge being given. To help avoid this situation, and the financial implications that could be incurred, it is a great idea to use a permit holder. They are self-adhesive, made from clear plastic, and designed to be place on the inside of a windscreen so that you can pop a parking permit ticket inside; This way it can be clearly seen, helping to avoid any unfortunate mishaps!