Fire Safety Signs

The importance of fire safety signs should not be under estimated. Even if you are very familiar with a building, fire and smoke can cause confusion and panic. Therefore, having fire signs that clearly indicate exits is vital to help ensure the well-being of staff and visitors to a building, helping everyone to evacuate a building more easily in the case of an emergency.

There are several different types of fire safety signs available, including photoluminescent signs.

What are Photoluminescent Fire Signs and how do they work?

Photoluminescent fire signs have the same main colours as standard fire signs. (Follow the link for more information on the different colours and types of fire signs available). The difference is that photoluminescent signs have been made with a special type of material that allows them to absorb natural or artificial light sources; this energy is then stored up and when the lights go out the sign emits the stored energy, without any heat or electricity connection, so that the surface of the sign glows in the dark.

In the event of power outage these safety signs are designed to make evacuation procedures easier, as after they have been charged by light they can illuminate for over 6 hours, even in a complete blackout.

Additional Benefits of Photoluminescent Fire Safety Signs

  • These signs are long lasting and require very little maintenance. As other than ensuring they are free from any dirt or debris that may accumulate over time, they require no further upkeep.

  • They are very easy to install and cost effective.

  • These fire safety signs are very reliable, which is exactly what you want in the case of an emergency.

  • They can be effective even when smoke makes it difficult to see.

  • When installed correctly they meet the required code standards for fire safety signs and are PSPA Class B, DIN, IMO and British Standard Requirements compliant.

If you need new fire safety signage for your building, then photoluminescent safety signs are worth taking a look at. So check out our range of Photoluminescent Fire Signs today. If you can't see what you are after on our website then please get in touch with our friendly customer service teams who can help you find what you are looking for.