Road Studs are used in a variety of situations that we come across everyday, often without realising. They are largely used for permanent delineation of pathways and roadways; for example to inform road users of carriageway and crossing edges. They can also be used to assist the visually impaired, to mark out parking bays, specific seating areas or social distancing spaces. They provide visual and tactile feedback to users and can help to enhance users safety and prevent accidents.

They come in a variety of types depending on what they are going to be used for:

Smooth Finish Aluminium Road Studs

These type of road studs have a smooth finish and are visually appealing. As they are made from aluminium, they are durable, giving a long service life. They are recommended for low to medium traffic volumes. As they have a smooth surface they are most often used for off-road applications, for instance for marking out parking bays, spaces and boundaries.

Ribbed Finish Stainless Steel Road Studs 

These are made from stainless steel making them highly durable. The ribbed finish gives maximum visibility combined with minimum slip-risk so they are often used on highways, though they can also be used in open areas and car parks. The ribbing helps to assist visibly impaired users by warning them of crossing edges and the reflections off the surface also alerts vehicle users of an upcoming crossing. On carriageways they are often used to line the edges, especially in low visibility areas so that road users can see more clearly and also have the tactile feedback if they stray towards the road edge. 

Road Studs with Wheelchair Disabled Symbol

These studs are ideal to mark out parking bays, areas on pavements or other areas that are set aside for those who have accessibility needs. They are low domed with the wheelchair logo marking on them. They are made from stainless steel making them a very durable choice.


Road studs are easy to install and made to be durable. It is recommended to use our two part cold applied road stud adhesive kit, to bond road studs to asphalt. This kit is solvent free and more environmentally friendly than many traditional bitumen solutions.